August 30, 2011

Steve, when the giant was taken in Afghan. some years back. What some folks don’t know is that there were more than one. Family more or less. Apparently they had one below deck in a destroyer 12 miles off the coast of Virginia.

Now, I had known a gentleman for several years (retired military) along with his wife. They went to church with us years ago on a regular basis. To make a long story short, I had done extensive study on giants, nephilim, fallen angels, aliens and such and made mention of that several times behind the pulpit and privetly in conversation.

Now after years (at least a decade) of not seeing this man or his wife, he shows up at my home in full dress, hat in hand. He asked if I would take the time to speak with him concerning something of importance. It was concerning the giant that we already knew about. He had already been to visit a preacher of national reckoning and brought him on board the ship. On that ship was Donald Rumsfeld, Con. Rice, Richard Cheney and many other high ranking government and military leadership. His (navy seal’s) words to me was that the preacher of national prominence was “made a fool of”. They were aware of my studies and desired information in order to handle this threat. I was also told that he was to oversee and interview with myself and one named Stephen Quayle.

I gave him only 10% of what I knew and he was clearly over joyed. Then in order to get more information out of me he began to become a “real buddy” (of course) and began speaking of portals and such. Myself, being around many government agents throughout my life was cool under pressure. Honestly, they were scared. And being around someone who properly understands how to use the name of Jesus, and what that name can actually do was somewhat discomforting to the gentleman.

Immediately I was (after clearance) to go on a two man jet, with him in the second jet, flying out of Louisville. Within a few days I received a phone call. Stating, “I do not know who you pissed off, but you pissed off someone big. You were cleared to go until it came down to me that you specifically were a no-go.” “*****, I don’t know who you pissed off, but it came to my C.O. that you were not allowed.” I laughed and told him how I pissed off a former presidents wife, and that I did. It was 13 years prior.

Steve, this was just a few years ago as you will recall when all that happened. I don’t think on it everyday. But this is the best of my remembrance of word for word. I still retain my private studies and did not give all I know. He was rather concerned about a portal in old Baghdad at that time btw. Grand Canyon and the poles as well.

God Bless ya! N.B.