August 19, 2011
Name withheld

This is a follow up from my previous email and the earthquake on Tuesday.

I went to my source today and they have confirm that the earthquake today with the epicenter in Virginia was a tactical nuke that did go off in an underground bunker. The mighty men and women of valor found the device and had to explode it underground. The target was the nuclear facility located in Virginia.

I also received clarification that their were seven weapons on the mainland. Five were being tracked (now just four since one was detonated) and two that they cannot account for at this time. These two are from the “shadow” group that they are trying to find.

It seems very suspicious that I received this Intel last week about the weapons and the DC area being a target and now this earthquake happens. There are no accidents.

I will take this information to the Lord and discern upon it.
Thank Hawk, you are your listeners for being out there and please pray for me and my source.

God Bless,