August 19, 2011
Name withheld

Steve and Hawk,

I e mailed you a couple of days ago about your great show on Omega man radio and how I had listen to you over the years and bought some silver from you besides your books.

I am also the individual that has a few “connection” in the military world and have verified through them the attacks on Palo Verde (that are covered up) that Hawk has mention on his show and the incidents of the “pockets full of sunshine” back in 2004. When I heard on C2C and your show back then about how you describe they had made it to the shores of America and the mighty men and women of valor stop them at the last minute and one had to be taken to the ocean, I knew your sources were valid since my “connections” also validated the same story.

I say that just to tell you I made contact with this “connection” this week about the five known “pockets full of sunshine” on the main land. They have confirmed its true and that the five targets they have heard are: Hoover Dam, two for Chicago or Illinois (since the President calls that his home state)- they want the Sears tower to go down, New York City, and DC. This is the Islamist faction targets – the ones they can track, the cover is since OBL was killed they will use that as an excuse to do something major on the 10 anniversary of 9/11, however their could be a “shadow” group that is out there moving under the radar that the good guys are more fearful of and cannot track.

As usual I take this information to the Lord in prayer and will discern upon it more. Please have the listeners try to prepare even more for the next 30 days.
Wanted Hawk and you to know what I was hearing on the backside.

Jesus protect Hawk, you, and your listeners and God Bless,